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Pre consent form policies for telemarketing under VEU

I hereby grant my express written consent for Target Green Pty Ltd to contact me via telephone about the activities offered under the VEU program.


Scope of Consent: By providing this consent, I acknowledge that I may receive occasional telemarketing calls from Target Green sales team related to energy-efficient products, hot water systems, air cons and aircons. These calls may include information about new product launches, exclusive deals, and other important updates. 


Validity & Right to Revoke: This consent remains effective for a period of 3 months from the date signed below, unless I choose to withdraw it earlier.


I understand that I can withdraw this consent at any time by providing written notice to Target Green Pty Ltd via email at or by contacting their customer service team at +61383161511. Any withdrawal of consent will not affect the legality of any actions taken before the revocation.

You can find the consent form here on below link

Product Enquiry

Before submit, please read the consent form policies and acknowledge to Target Green contacting to provide information about energy efficient products under VEU program.
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