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Our proven track record in slashing energy bills has already saved our clients millions, while successfully eliminating over 300,000+ tonnes of CO2

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Are You Eligible for Government Incentives?

Government Heating & Cooling Rebates now Available!

We’re excited to offer new financial incentives for upgrading from inefficient gas or electric heaters and air conditioners to efficient reverse cycle systems, including ducted, split, multi-head and multi-split (Variable Refrigerant Flow/VRF) systems.

Seize the chance to transform your home into a more comfortable, eco-friendly, and budget-conscious space with the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. Receive up to $10,290 off when you upgrade your heater or air conditioner to the latest reverse cycle technology. Act now and experience the rewards of a sustainable and cost-effective heating and cooling solution.


Eligible systems for Replacement

  • Hard-wired resistance electric room heaters

  • Non-ducted (room) gas heaters

    • Central electric resistance ducted heaters

    • Ducted (whole-of-home) gas heaters

      • Refrigerated air conditioners

      • Ducted (whole-of-home) reverse cycle air conditioners

        • Hard-wired slab heaters

        • Non-ducted reverse cycle air conditioners

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          Do You Qualify For A Discounted Energy Efficient Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner?

          If you have any of the following heaters currently in your home, you can receive large rebates to upgrade to an efficient reverse cycle split, multi head or ducted system.

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          Fill in this form to receive more information about a heating & cooling rebate for your home if you qualify for up to $3,000 in government incentives.


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