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Is your business still using an outdated hot water system?

Get Your Energy-Saving
Hot Water System for free

Whether you run a restaurant, salon, or any other business, upgrading your hot water system can save you money on energy bills and provide reliable, consistent hot water.

Check your eligibility under VEU and get discount now!

Since 2019, our customers have avoided

pounds of CO2.
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Get your water-efficient showerheads for free and replace them for both residential and commercial under VEU initiative.

Energy Monitor

View our energy monitor product to connect your electricity meter to your smartphone and wirelessly track (in real time!)

Weather sealing

Get your free Chimney seals, Door seals, Evaporative Air Vent and Exhaust Fan seals replaced now under the government's VEU program.

Who we are

Victoria's #1 energy efficiency services provider under Victorian government’s VEU

Help protect the environment by powering your home with 100% renewable energy.

TARGET GREEN is accredited with Essential Services Commission to perform energy efficiency and energy saving services under Victorian government’s VEU Program.

Target Greens

Get Rebates up to $7000 Under the government's VEU initiative.

Our Commercial Products

Upgrade Your Commercial Premises under
VEU initiative and Save Up to $10,290!

Enjoy energy efficiency and substantial rebates, making commercial rebates more comfortable and eco-friendly.
Don't miss out on these incredible savings!

How it works

Upgrade your old gas-heating air conditioner to 75% Energy Efficient cooling and heating system

If you have any ducted gas heating system in your home or commercial premises, you can receive large rebates of up to $10,000 to upgrade to an efficient reverse cycle split, multi-head.

How it works

Our Process Is Quite Simple

Check your eligibility for products that you want to install and book your consultation to get your installation done. 


Check Eligibility

Check out your eligibility by filling out the free quote form under specific products.


Book Consultation

Book a free virtual consultation with our agent to setup the installation schedule.



Our professional team will be on your doorstep to perform the installation at scheduled time.


Start Saving Bills

Start saving your bills with 100% energy-efficient government-approved products.


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Before submit, please read the consent form policies and acknowledge to Target Green contacting to provide information about energy efficient products under VEU program.
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